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Our Fall Litter has found great loving homes!

*These babies have found great families to love*

All companion puppies are placed with a Non-Breeding Contract


3 Girls, 2 Boys

Gabby-Vader9-1-2018 Group Hug



The Parents

Tee Jays The Force Awakens  (Vader)



Gabby's picture coming soon!


The Babies


Congratulations!  To the Zolmans of Ohio!!

*Whisky*  Is in his new home.           Salt & Pepper Boy!    

This will be their third Miniature Schnauzer from Kennel Creations!

Schnauzer S/P Babie

This little guy has beautiful structure!  Whisky has a very out going personality and is a real cuddle bug!  He is very smart, friendly personality, and loves being near his people.

His eyes will just melt your heart!  He plays very well with his littermates and loves to play keep a way.  But most of all, he loves being held.  He will be very striking.



Congratulations!    To the Owens of Alabama!!

*Tu*       Has made it home.            Black Male

Miniature Schnauzer Black Puppy

What an attention grabber!  This little guy loves to be in the thick of things.  He is a beautiful little guy that loves to check things out first.

He has very pretty conformation, loves to be held, and gives lots of kisses.  He plays hard and flops down for his nap.  A very pretty baby that will turn heads!

He traveled very nicely all the way like a pro in the car!  He has beautiful conformation and was already going to the door before he left.  Now he's training his owners!!




Congratulations!    To the Salmons of Ohio!!

*Ruby*   Black Female    Is making herself right at home!

Schnauzer girl Black 

Miss Ruby here is a calm and quiet little girl that likes to play and be near her people!

She follows you around everywhere and is very smart.  This little girl has beautiful expressions and conformation and is very easy going. 

The NuVet vitamins really bring out the shine in their coats and brightness in their eyes!     




Congratulations!   To the Roberts of Ohio!!

*Annie*       Black Female     Is filling some big paws!

Kennel Creations Schnauzer Puppy

Anne is very playful and yet easy going too!  She figures things out quickly and watches for her new person all of the time. 

She has very good conformation, struts around, and with a look at me attutude.  She was already doing the Schnauzer talk before going to her new home.

Very loving and likes to gives kisses all of the time.




Congratulations!    To the Cheshires of Ohio!!

*Bailey*           Black Female         Is working those eye!

Kennel Creations Miniature Schnauzer Puppy

Bailey is a fun loving little girl.  Loves to play with her littermates, gets them all going, and then sits by me waiting for them to get tired.  A little stinker.

She also does the Schnauzer talk and gives lots of kisses!  Bailey is the smallest in the litter and figures things out pretty quick.

A beautiful little girl with a velvet coat in a small package.

Thanks to all of the families that have given these babies a great home!


This was a very nice litter and we have been very please with each of these little babies.  Their Mom, Gabby, will now be retired and placed as I will not breed my girls too many times. I hope to have Gabby's picture up soon.

Look for her soon on the home page.




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