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Puppy Gone Home - Pictures!

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Crystal & Shadow's Litter 2009

Crystal-Salt & Pepper (Platinum)    Shadow - Black & Silver

The mother                                                     The father

Schnauzer-SilverSchnauzer Sire

Scroll down to see this beautiful litter of seven babies!!

**Sorry, all of the puppies have now found great homes**

Murphy:       6 Weeks   -   born 6-11-09

Congratulations - Cindy of Greensburg, PA!!  Your new little buddy will be following you everywhere.

Schnauzer BabyMurphy is "very calm and easy going".  He loves to be held and gives you kisses!

He is friendly and very playful with his littermates.

He is what many people refer to as having a "Painted Face".  He should be light gray to Platinum Silver as an adult. 

Murphy will be really striking with these bright markings in color and will turn heads for sure!



Schnauzer Baby


Murphy is exploring his new surroundings and relaxing in his new home.  He is already nosing the bells hung on the door when he wants to go outside. 

He is such a handsome boy and has a very loving home.





Congratulations Aimee of Coraopolis, PA!!  This little guy will just steal your heart.  He can't wait to meet you.

Mr. Wiggles:     6 Weeks      Born 6-11-09


Schnauzer puppy

They certainly change in looks after their first haircut.  This little guy is very playful but likes to be held too.

We are going to miss him for sure.





Schnauzer Baby-tiny

Mr. Wiggles is the tiniest puppy in the litter.  He weighs about four pounds at nine weeks now.

He is very out going and checks everything out.  He loves to attack my flowers!  He is pretty content to let you hold & carry him everywhere too.

Mr. Wiggles should be a light grey to silver body color with pure white markings - he will be really striking and turn heads - just in a really small package!




Sadie (now called Molly):     6 Weeks     Born 6-11-09

Congratulations - Doris of Canfield, OH!!  You little girl has some big paws to fill in for Betsy but I'm sure that she will try her best and will give you lots of company.

Schnauzer Puppy

Sadie has such a laid back and very sweet personality but curious in a polite kind of way.  She loves to be held and snuggle. 

This little girl loves to play hard (and holds her own with her brothers), then plops down for her nap!

She will be a dark grey to medium grey color with very white markings.  Her markings will be very pretty.




Molly at 9 weeks old in her new home.

Molly is sure making herself right at home and enjoying her new family.

'm not quite sure what Molly did to get herself all tied up but I bet that she wasn't supposed to be messing with it!






Schnauzer puppy

Molly has beautiful expressions and I don't think that she'll be giving up that sock anytime soon.


I'm very please that she is doing so well in her new home.









Not Available Yet.      Joey:      6 Weeks       Born 6-11-09

Puppy Schnauzer-TinyJoey is the second smallest guy in the litter and looks a lot like his brother, Mr. Wiggles.  He also weighs about two pounds right now.

This little guy loves to explore things but has a wait and see personality.  He loves to be held and sleep on your lap.  He will give you tons of kisses! 

Little Joey should be a true medium grey color with pure white markings.  He will be a very handsome little guy. 

Joey still needs to stay a few weeks more because of his size but should be available at a later date.  All of our puppies must be eating really well on their own before we allow them to leave.  We do not want our new families to worry.  More information to come!!




Riley (now called Tobey):     6 Weeks     Born 6-11-09

Congratulations Lynn, David, Blake, Gabriel, & Elizabeth of Medina, OH!! 

Tobey will love playing with your children (your children are so very polite) and going everywhere with you.

Miniature Schnauzer

Riley is a real sweetheart!

He loves to play with his littermates, comes to me with tail wagging, and follows me everywhere.  He also loves to nap with you!

Riley should have a charcoal grey body color with pure white markings.  This coloring is very flashy as an adult.





Jasper:     6 Weeks     Born 6-11-09

Congratulations Daryl, Rolinda, and girls of Cincinnati, OH!!  This baby can't wait to meet his new family and launch into play mode.  He will steal your hearts for sure.

Puppy SchnauzerJasper is very curious about everything and already does the "Schnauzer Talk"!!  This little guy doesn't miss a thing.  (he is still trying to figure out bird sounds)

He loves to attack & pounce on his littermates but also likes to be held and snuggle too.  He is the first to check everything out.

He also has the "Painted Face" and he should be light gray to silver in color.  He will be a lighter Salt & Pepper with pure white markings.

Jasper will be very flashy in color!




Abby:     6 Weeks     Born 6-11-09

Congratulations - Dolores of Ann Arbor, MI!!  This girl will keep you busy on walks when she gets older and then she'll want to snooze in your lap.

Baby Schnauzer


Abby is so easygoing and eager to please. She has a very dainty and ladylike personality!

Her color is a charcoal grey with really striking dark contrast points and pure white markings just starting to show through.

She is very quiet, calm, and playful. Abby has such a pleasant personality!





Group Hug!!

Puppy Pile

A pile of puppies at three weeks old




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