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Jewels & Radar's Litter 2009

The Mother - Jewels                         The Father - Radar

Schnauzer-Silver   Miniature Schnauzer Stud dog          

Scroll down to see this beautiful litter of six babies!!


Rocky                                     Has been chosen                          born 6-11-09

Congratulations Bob & Liz of PA

Rocky at 9 months                                                  


Rocky is adjusting very well in his new home and is loved very much.

He loves to take walks and explore everything or to just lie under Bob's desk at his feet.

He is a beautiful boy with lots of personality!



                                                      Rocky at 6 1/2 weeks


Rocky is so laid back that he reminds me of a Basset Hound!  He's very calm and easy going!

Rocky with be a light Salt & Pepper with beautiful white markings.

He follows me everywhere just to see what I'm doing and to make sure that he doesn't miss a thing! 

He has a very sweet and loving personality and plops down for a nap after playing hard.




Congratulations Doug & Pam of Hebron, OH!!        Greta will keep you company and snooze with you for many hours.  A very sweet little girl.

Greta:          6 Weeks   -   born 6-11-09

Schnauzer puppyGreta is such a sweet baby and loves to be held.

It was really hard for her not to bite the flowers!

She is a little lady but playful.  They change so much after after their first haircut.

This is a very pretty puppy!



**The Perfect Lap puppy**Schnauzer-girl-puppy

Greta is a real snuggle buddy.  She loves to be held and for you to talk to her.  She has already started doing the "Schnauzer Talk"!!  She is very calm and quiet.

She is acts really dainty and ladylike. She loves to follow you everywhere and just be with you.

Greta will be a medium to dark Salt & Pepper with very white markings.  The constrast will be really striking.

This will be a very pretty little girl.



Milo:  (Now called Leo)           6 Weeks   -   born 6-11-09

Congratulations Lindsey, Liza, Larry, & Laura of Canton, OH!!  Leo will be a great companion to Lexi that I placed with you the year before.  I think it will be a good mix of personalities.

Schnauzer Baby

Milo is the first to check out everything.  He is very playful and loves to attack his littermates.

He works really hard at giving lots of kisses and taking naps.  He loves to be held too.

Milo should be a light grey to silver Salt & Pepper with pure white markings (kind of like his mother's coloring).

He has a "very sweet and loving" personality!!





Heidi:          6 Weeks   -   born 6-11-09

Congratulations, Terry of Canton, OH!!  Heidi is such a little lady and will give you many hours of enjoyment.


Heidi has the "sweetest personality"!  She is very calm but curious and loves to be held.

She has beautiful conformation and should be the light grey or (Platinum Silver) color.

Heidi loves to chase her brothers in the most ladylike way, but she will hold her own as well.

She loves to do the "Schnauzer Talk" to you and gives lots of kisses!!

This beautiful little girl will be noticed for sure!



Ajay: (Now called Booker)           6 Weeks   -   born 6-11-09

Congratulations, Cathy & Chuck of Bluffton, IN!!


Ajay is so easy going and just goes with the flow!

He's very playful with his littermates and just stretches out for a nice nap. 

Ajay's personality is to just snuggle all day, play a bit, eat, and snuggle.  He will be a real couch potato!

His conformation is very nice with a beautiful head and expression.  He will have the true grey soft color of a Salt & Pepper.  His white markings are just coming through and they will be pure white.   Along with his black tip markings, Ajay will certainly turn heads.

(New Owner Comments)

"He's eating and drinking and playing well.  I also combed him this morning and played with his feet.  He just layed there like a limp rag.  I really appreciate all the things you do with your puppies.  It makes it so nice for the new parents".



Lexi:          6 Weeks   -   born 6-11-09

Congratulations Sandra & Gary of Columbus, OH!!  This pretty little girl will steal your heart very fast.  She can't wait to come home and play.

Schnauzer baby

She has a really sweet personality and loves to be held.  She loves to snuggle.

She plays hard with her brothers and has that typical Schnauzer attitude.

Lexi is very inquisitive and loves to check out everything.  She loves to play and has a calm personality.  

Lexi is a beautiful little girl that will be a dark (charcoal) grey color with striking white markings.


Group Hug!!

Schnauzer puppies


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