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Jewels & Radar's Litter 2010

Scroll down to see this beautiful litter of seven babies!!

*Sorry, You missed these beautiful babies - enjoy the pictures*

The Mother - Jewels shown at 8 months old - she is now a "Platium Silver" color and takes great care of her little ones. Schnauzer 

The Daddy - Radar

Miniature Schnauzer, male

                                                                Radar loves to visit his babies.                                                           Most males could care less.


Riley      Has been chosen       Three months        Born 12/29/09

Congratulations Jerry & Nancy of Parma, OH!!

Miniature Schnauzer puppy at Kennel Creations

Riley has beautiful dark "Pewter Gray" coloring and very white markings in all the right places.

He has a very sweet personality and follows me around everywhere.

He loves to stretch out too.



Schnauzer puppy at Kennel Creations


Riley loves to play ball with you or sit and watch TV.

This boy tries very hard to learn new commands and listen to you.

He has a very quiet and sweet temerament.






Riley at 6 1/2 weeks old

Schnauzer puppy, jewels2010.html, puppies, Miniature Schnauzers

Riley has a very calm, sweet, and laid back temperment.

He loves to snuggle and sit with you or just follow you around.  He's a real couch potato.

Riley will be a dark charcoal gray color with striking white markings that are just starting to show through.

His personality is so sweet that you just hate to put him down.

Great conformation and striking coloring will make this boy very showy!




Casey     Has been chosen     Three months      Born 12/29/-09

Congratulations Kathy of Toledo, OH!

Schnauzer puppy


Goodness, they really change after their first haircut.

Casey is very playful but has a calm and mellow personality.

He likes to just go with the flow and always comes up to you wagging his tail.






kennelcreations.com - Schnauzer puppy


Casey has very pretty light gray coloring already and will probably get lighter.  He has lots of white markings where they should be. 

This will be a really beautiful and well put together guy when he grows up.

I just love his big fluffy beard!



Casey at 6 1/2 weeks old

Schnauzer baby, miniature schnauzers, puppies, jewels2010.html, miniature schnauzer breeders

This little boy is calm and goes with the flow, but is also very playful.

He loves to check everything out first, be held, and just be in the middle of things so he doesn't miss out.

He will be "Platinum Silver" or a very light gray coloring and will have the snowwhite markings where they should be.

He comes up to you with his tail wagging.

Casey is well put together in qualities and coloring and his out-going personality will stand out!




Smokey    Has been chosen     Three months       Born 12/29/09

Congratulations  Frank & Donna of Walhonding, OH!

Schnauzer male at Kennel Creations


The white coloring on Smokey is starting to come through really well and he is a soft medium gray color.

Smokey has a very quiet and calm temperament and loves to play with his tug toys.






Kennel Creations Miniature Schnauzers

Smokey is slightly smaller than his brothers but holds his own with them.

Like his brothers, he comes up to you with a wagging tail and loves to be held or just follow you around.

Smokey will have really striking coloring as an adult.

This is a very sweet puppy!



Smokey at 6 1/2 weeks old

Schnauzer puppy, ohio schnauzer breeders, Miniature Schnauzers

Smokey is a real camera ham and loves the attention.

He is playful, calm and has a loving personality.  He is on the smaller side.

He plays hard with his littermates and is then ready for a nap with you. 

He is a dark charcoal gray color and his white markings are just starting to show.  His legs will have the white markings too as he grows.

This is a really sweet puppy with a calm personality.



Pepper       Has been chosen       6 1/2 Weeks     Born 12/29/09

Congratulations Kathy & Russ of Norwalk, OH

Schnauzers, puppies, Miniature Schnauzer

Pepper is a very laid back, quiet, but playful little girl. 

She is really lady like and loves to cuddle while watching TV.

Her coloring will be a very dark Salt & Pepper with bright white markings were they should be.


Her beautiful conformation qualities, calm temperment, and flashy coloring will make this baby turn heads.




Sadie       Has been chosen       6 1/2 Weeks     Born 12/29/09

Congratulations Kathy & Russ of Norwalk, OH

Miniature Schnauzer puppy, puppies, Salt-Pepper schnauzer puppy, ohio schnauzers

Sadie is the smallest little girl and is a real snuggle bug. 

She waits her turn to be picked up and will fall asleep in your arms as you watch TV.

Sadie will have the very light to "Platinum Silver" Salt & Pepper coloring like her sister.  She will also have snow white markings where they should be.

She has such a calm temperment and sweet personality that you'll want to take her everywhere.




Wrigley     Has been chosen!     6 1/2 Weeks     Born 12/29/09

Congratulations Jeannine & Andrea of Garfield Heights, OH!!

puppy, Miniature Schnauzer, Schnauzer puppies, Silver Schnauzer

Wrigley is a very friendly, out-going, and curious about everything little girl.  A very friendly personality.

She comes up to you with tail wagging and loves to get really close to you to be held.

Wrigley will have the very light to "Platinum Silver" Salt & Pepper coloring.  She will also have snow white markings where they should be.

This is a very old color that you just don't see too much anymore.  She has great conformation, beautiful head, and her coloring will be so pretty.




Maximus - has been chosen!    6 1/2 Weeks       Born 12/29/09

Congratulations Scott and Candy of Newark, OH!!

puppies, schnauzers, miniature schnauzers, ohio schnauzer breeders

Max has a very calm pleasing personality and very playful.

He has absolutely beautiful conformation and temperment.

Max will be a light gray to possibly "Platinum Silver" color with beautiful white markings where they should be.

We just love his expressions and he has so much personality to offer but we can't keep them all.

This is a very pretty puppy!


Housetraining has already been started but the babies are not sure about the snow!

We ask many questions of our prospective new families and are happy to answer any questions about our Miniature Schnauzers health, bloodlines, and personalities.  We try our best to match just the right Schnauzer personality with you for a lifetime of Schnauzer enjoyment.


All seven babies doing the *group hug*       Pictured at 4 wks.

Schnauzer puppiesThese are Salt & Pepper babies.  They will be dark gray to light "Platinum Silver" after they have their haircuts.



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