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These companies have very good customer service and reasonable prices!

Not sure what supplies your Miniature Schnauzer puppy needs?

1.  Collar (10" for an 8 week old puppy)

2.  Leash (nylon is ok for puppy but a 6 foot leather leash for training and walking is best)

3.  Housetraining "wire" crate (24" x 18" x 26" for a Schnauzer puppy), a wire crate is best so that the puppy can see out.

4.  Crate pad, bed, or blanket

5.  Feed & Water bowls

6.  Recommended food by this breeder

7.  Blanket coat for winter puppies (Schnauzer puppies will need about a size 8"-12" or small)

8.  Soft Pin Slicker Brush & metal comb

9.  Fresh 'n Clean scented shampoo

10.  Dental brush or finger toothbrush gloves.
11.  Toys:  any Kong brand toys, Booda or Nylabones, and a squeaker toy.

12.  Don't forget the ID Name/Owner Tag!

These links provide great service with reasonable prices (why pay retail when you can stretch your dollars).  I will be adding a few more that meet our high standards.

Dog Supplies at reasonable prices

These are books that I recommend to all of our new owners.




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