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NuVet Vitamins

dog vitaminsDon't take chances!

Strengthen your pet's immune system!

**Not Available in Stores**

To Order:  800-474-7044

You may use my Order Code: #99258.

or Order Online at: www.nuvet.com/99258

**Breeders Note**

Recently, the NuVet company contacted me and ask if I would like to evaluate their dog vitamins.  I have bred Miniature Schnauzers for 29 years and I have seen many products come and go over those years.  I decided to take them up on their offer to perform a test trial on my 6 year old female, Lizzy.

Lizzy had become *sluggish* in her middle age and her coat was reflecting her age as well.  Her energy had been lower and her attitude was not the best.  She just was, well - depleated.

To make the test trial more interesting (and because I'm pretty hard to convince) I purchased another leading brand of vitamins and placed another dog, Sophie, on that brand.  Sophie is a young female (1 yr old) and is pretty active with no issues at all.

**Breeder Results**

Lizzy's coat became very healthy looking with lots of shine to it.  She is more alert now and wants all of my attention to play with her.  Her attitude is really up and she is playing more with the other Schnauzers in our home.  Now if I can only get her to stop chasing the cat!!  She hasn't done that in years.  I noticed these differences within the first two weeks of placing her on the NuVet Vitamins.  I have now placed all of our Miniature Schnauzers on them now.

Oh yes, the test trial of the leading brand vitamins for Sophie:  Poor Sophie would throw up a yellow watery substance and drank a lot of water.  After two weeks, I decided not to continue with her trial because her health was more important.  I have now placed Sophie on the NuVet vitamins (along with the others) and she is doing great on them.  However, now all of them want to chase the cat!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm skeptical of new products and what they claim to do.  However, I am very impressed with the NuVet Vitamins and the fast & courteous service from this company. 

You may use the Order Code:  99258 to try these vitamins yourself.

NuVet  -  1-800-474-7044 

or you can Order Online at:       www.nuvet.com/99258

PS  All of our Schnauzer puppies at Kennel Creations are placed on these vitamins before they go to their new homes and they love the taste!

Kennel Creations - PO BOX 204, Howard, Ohio 43028 - (740)397-3004   Email: kennelcreations@embarqmail.com