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Snickers & Nugget's Litter

Scroll down to see these five beautiful little girls!!

Snickers - The Mother

Kennel Creations, Snickers Miniature Schnauzer


She is a very sweet girl that loves to play with her babies. 

Snickers will now be retired and placement is pending.



Nugget - The Father

kennelcreations.com Miniature Schnauzer - Nugget


Nugget is very outgoing, has a great personality, and loves to show off in the show ring.

Nugget will be back in the show ring soon.




The names beside the puppy pictures are to show that a puppy has been reserved from this litter by that family. This does not mean that they will choose that particular puppy as they may choose a different puppy when they meet them.


Available!!              Cricket              6 1/2 Weeks             Born 7-12-10

KennelCreations.com Miniature Schnauzer girl

Cricket is the smallest of the girls but is "down right ornery".  She attacks her littermates and takes off when they come after her. 

Don't let this small bundle fool you with her kisses because she is very mischievous! 

Cricket has very pretty conformation and will be a medium to light gray Salt & Pepper.

She will be about 12-16 pounds as an adult.  Cricket is very playful, friendly, and flops when she's tired.



Available in another week or so!!      

Gracie                                6 1/2 Weeks                            Born 7-12-10

This little girl is very small but not the smallest in this litter.  After discussing her size, weight, and teeth that are barely in with my veterinarian, it has been decided that Gracie will remain with us for a few more weeks until she grows a bit more.

Gracie is gaining weight very nicely, plays hard, pounces on her sister Cricket and her teeth are coming in more each day.  Keep checking back to see updates on her progress.  She will be available soon!

kennelcreations.com Miniature Schnauzer puppy Gracie will be on the smaller size at about 12-16 pounds as an adult. 

She has very nice conformation - just in a small package. 

Gracie is very playful, gives lots of kisses, and loves to be held.  A really sweet girl.



Molly has been chosen               6 1/2 Weeks                 Born 7-12-10

Congratulations to Grant & Sue of Cleveland, OH!!  Thank you for reserving one of these babies from this litter.

Kennel Creations Schnauzer baby girl

Molly is very easy going and takes things in stride.  She loves to be held and gives plenty of kisses.

This little girl is very friendly and comes up to greet you.  She likes nothing better than to sit on your lap and take a nap.

She should be a very light Salt & Pepper and may develop into a "Platinum Silver" as an adult.

Molly has excellent conformation and contrasting color that will make her stand out and be noticed for sure. 



Lacy has been chosen                6 1/2 Weeks                 Born 7-12-10

Congratulations to Randy, Greg, and Marge of Westlake, OH!!  Thank you for reserving one of our babies from this litter.

kennelcreations.com  Miniature Schnauzer Salt & Pepper

Lacy has a really sweet personality and loves to be held.  She loves to snuggle.

She is a quiet and easy going little girl but plays hard with her sisters. 

Lacy will be a dark to medium gray color with dark contrasting points and snow white where it should be.

She loves to play with us, give lots of kisses, and falls asleep on our laps.




Annie has been chosen                6 1/2 Weeks              Born 7-12-10

Congratulations to Lynne & Alan of Zanesville, OH!!  Thank you for reserving one of these babies from this litter.

kennelcreations.com Schnauzer puppy

Annie has a very friendly and playful personality.  She likes to check everything out and just can't figure out why the cat won't play with her.

She is a real snuggler and has a calm personality.  Her conformation is balanced with a constantly wagging tail.

It is very possible that Annie will turn out to be a "Platinum Silver" Salt & Pepper as an adult.  She has the nice dark points in the face and body but will have the snow white markings where they should be.  She will be a very striking lady.



If you would like to inquire about one of our little Miniature Schnauzers, please click on this linkPuppy Match Form - and we'll start the interview process.  We are very particular where we place our puppies and usually have a waiting list - so please inquire early.


If you missed out on these beautiful puppies, we have two fall litters expected to be born in September. These will be our last litters until Spring.  We are taking inquiries now.


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