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Puppy Gone Home - Pictures!

We try our best to match your family with the right puppy personality for a lifetime of Schnauzer enjoyment!

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Sophie & Shadow Litter

The Father                                        Sorry, no picture of mom yet.

Schnauzer Stud Dog

Shadow is a Black & Silver, very quiet, and behaves really well. He has completed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program!

Sophie is a dark Salt & Pepper, she is also on the quiet side and is a very caring mother.


Scroll down to see their small but very beautiful litter!



Congratulations Marty & Mike of Indianapolis, Indiana!!

Bella is a really sweet girl and will quickly melt your hearts.

Bella     14 weeks     Born 9-7-09

Schnauzer female puppy

Bella is such a beautiful little lady after her first haircut.  She has a soft gray coloring and bright white where it should be.

She is very playful but quiet.  Bella is doing very well on housetraining and her manners.

Bella should be on the small side and learns quickly.

We just love her expressions!



Bella     8 weeks before her haircut     Born 9-7-09

Schnauzer girl puppy

Bella has such a sweet personality.  She is very lady like and loves to give lots of kisses. 

She is dainty acting and doesn't like to get her feet wet too much.

Bella should be a medium to light Salt & Pepper with beautiful white markings.  This little girl will have great conformation and markings and she will stand out for sure.

She tries very hard to understand what you ask of her and turns her head listening to every word. 

Bella does the Schnauzer talk too and she talks back to you as well.  



Congratulations Odeil of Crescent, PA on choosing Casey!!  His sweet personality should blend well with Molly.

Casey     8 weeks     Born 9-7-09

Schnauzer boy puppyCasey is a real suggle bug!  He loves to be held and will fall asleep in your arms.

This little guy loves to play and explore and has a real sweetheart of a personality.

He should be a dark to medium Salt & Pepper with bright striking white markings. 

He has very good conformation and this little guy will definitely turn heads. 

Casey does the "Schnauzer Talk" too.



Congratulations Debbie & family of Broadview Heights, OH on choosing Ruby!!  Her playful personality should entertain everyone for a very long time!

Ruby     8 weeks     Born 9-7-09

Schnauzer girl

Ruby is what many refer to as having a "Painted Face" which is a lot of bright white marking on the face.

She is very playful and loves to be held.  She should be a dark to medium Salt & Pepper color.

Ruby is the first to check everything out but in a reserved king of way.  She loves to beat up on her brother and sister but then makes up and snuggles with them.  

This little girl has very contrasting markings and will be very showy as an adult.  Ruby does the "Schnauzer Talk" too.


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