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Star & Radar's Litter   2008

Star is a beautiful Salt & Pepper Miniature Schnauzer.  Star's puppies were born 11-20-08.  Star started out this dark S/P color and became a light "Platinum Silver" color as an adult.

The Mommy Schnauzer


Scroll down to view this very beautiful litter of babies. 

At 8 wks, they weigh about 4-6 pounds each.


The babies have changed quite a lot from the first pictures.



Congratulations Katie Scholl of Pittsburgh, PA!!  This baby girl will play hard and keep Max entertained for many hours.  Get the camera ready for sure.  Thank you for choosing another one of our babies!

Katie         8 weeks           born 11/20/08

Schnauzer girl puppyKatie has a very friendly, easy going, and pleasing personality! 

She plays hard with her sisters and is then ready for a nap with you. 

Katie loves to be held and is a real couch buddy!       

She will have the medium gray coloring with pure white markings. 

Her conformation is well balanced with a constantly wagging tail.



Schnauzer puppy

Katie - at 4 weeks old.

Katie has such a pleasant and easy going personality!

I think this little girl will have an eager to please attitude.

We'll add more later.

She loves to cuddle right under your neck.




Congratulations Kim Kidner of Ashtabula, OH!!  Thank you for giving our little girl a great home!  This little one will entertain you for hours.

Tinkerbell       8 weeks       born 11/20/08

Schnauzer puppyThis little baby is still a little smaller than her sisters at 8 weeks.

Tinkerbell pounces on her sisters and whines for me to rescue her when they pounce back on her! 

She loves to snuggle under your neck and take a nice nap too.

She has very nice conformation and should be a dark Salt & Pepper

A very sweet and showy little girl.  Her tail wags all of the time.




Tinkerbell - at 4 weeks old.

This little girl is slightly smaller than the rest but doesn't get pushed around at all.

She loves to snuggle!

We'll add more info as her personality develops.




Congratulations Bill & Wanda Martin of Russiaville, IN!!  Thank you for giving our little girl so much love and a great home.  She will steal your hearts for sure.

Available!       Holly       8 weeks       born 11/20/08


Holly is still the snuggle bug for sure. 

My son calls her "Squishy" as you just want to hold her up close to you all the time. 

Holly is laid back but plays with her sisters very well. 

She has a very sweet lady like personality!

This baby should be a dark Salt & Pepper and will definitely turn heads with her beautiful conformation!



Miniature Schnauzer

Holly - at 4 weeks old.

Holly is a snuggle bug for sure.

She is very laid back and has the sweetest personality.

We'll add more info as she grows.




Congratulations Harry & Susie Rowe of Indianapolis, IN!!  Thank you for giving our baby such a loving home.  This little girl has some very big paws to fill.  Give lots of hugs!

Lacy         8 Weeks         Born 11/20/08

Miniature Schnauzer femaleLacy is the leader of the pack and always the first to check things out. 

She has a very sweet personality and wants to get to know you right away. 

Her tail is always wagging and she has a great attitude. 

Lacy will be a dark Salt & Pepper with striking white markings - this is a very well put together little girl for sure!!


Lacy will be very striking in looks and will be turning heads for a second look.


Miniature Schnauzer puppy

Lacy - at 4 weeks old.

This little girl has great conformation and she already knows it!

She is interested in everything and loves to snuggle real close too.

I'll add more as her personality develops.



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Group Picture at 9 days old

                                                                The Babies! schnauzer babies


These little girls are on the small side as reflected by my coke can.

These babies have such beautiful markings and color.

                                     In Order:  Holly, Katie, Lacy, and Tinkerbell



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