We try our best to match your family with the right puppy personality for a lifetime of Schnauzer enjoyment!

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Our Schnauzers are never sold to brokers, pet shops, or puppy mills.



We provide personal “easy to understand” one on one coaching on helping you to train, solve behavior problems, and assist you with grooming issues. Tell us the problem, and we’ll start working for you!

Schnauzer puppies - groupNo, they didn’t grow there! They were trained to sit all at once : ) 

Age -  four months!

Raising multiple dogs in your family?  No problem!

Over 27 years experience as an All Breed Dog Groomer and Dog Breeder

New puppy? Grooming 101? Do you need individual help and information on raising your dog? Let us help! We will help you to find a solution to your dog issue. Just ask the "Breeder"! : )

So many times our dogs just do the opposite of what we want. Or so it seems. Dear Breeder is here to walk you through correcting problems, help you in raising you dog, and explaining in detail how to fix a grooming problem in plain language. "The Breeder" will coach you by recomendations, suggestions, and give you her opinion with positive feedback.

"The Breeder" will coach you by email or by phone. Prices start at just $15.95 for email responses per topic . Telephone consultations are arranged 24 hours in advance at $28.00 for 30 minutes (Within the USA). I will pay for the call.

Please use the PayPal button to submit your topic or problem and we'll start coaching you right away.

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