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There are dedicated Schnauzer breeders who strive to improve the breed, health, and temperament, and then there are people who just breed.  Which one do you want to get your next puppy from?


Our Fall babies have arrived!!

We have five new smiling faces available!!

To see available babies:  Gabby-Vader9-1-2018

Miniature Schnauzer babies

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Updated 10/3/2018



Available!  Pepper  5 months

Much of the work has already been done for you!!

This beautiful girl was held back until I decided   which girl I wanted to keep.  She is on the small side so I kepted her bigger sister.  To learn more, click on:

To learn more:       Pepper: Tigger's Girl

Miniature Schnauzer puppy

(Pepper's littermates below)

Tigger-Vader puppies

2 girls and 2 boys!!

Tigger will now be retired and be mom's girl.

Updated 10/3/2018


Available!    *Ruby*    2 1/2 years

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We are offering this beautiful sweet girl for placement.  Ruby is very easy going, gets along with our other dogs and cats, and loves attention.

She has a really sweet temperament and will follow you everywhere.  Ruby travels well in the car, very good in the house, and is a groomer's dream.  She is 2 1/2 years old and is very pretty in conformation.

Ruby is being placed as a companion only and not for breeding.

If you would like to know more about this girl, just fill out our Puppy Match form or call 740-397-3004.




*Oops, you missed this one**  This little girl has been placed -  Black & Silver Female2016

Most of the work has already been done for you!

Miniature Schnauzer



Congratulations to the Hormanns of Indiana! 

Piper has now completed her AAA Therapy training!

Boy did you miss this one!  Piper - Tigger's Girl   We are so pleased with her new home. 

To see Tigger's final litter - check out the four black Schnauzer puppies above. 





 If you would like to start the approval process for one of these puppies or a future puppy, please fill out our Puppy Match form.

*Healthy puppies, sweet temperaments, and beautiful conformation is in the breeding.  This is no accident!!* 

Don't settle for less

We're always happy to guide you in choosing your next family member. We pre-interview all prospective new families and ask many questions before placing our little ones.  Puppy Link To view our Schnauzer baby pictures and available puppies. 

NuVet Vitamins are given to our adults & puppies!  To read my review about the vitamins that has even convinced me, a Schnauzer breeder of 40 years, click here:   NuVet Vitamins

We have bred quality Miniature Schnauzers for over 40 years.  We always accept puppy inquiries but are very particular where we place them.  Our Schnauzer babies are raised indoors and we do not mass produce them. Consequently, our babies go very quickly to the best of homes and you sometimes will need to wait for your new puppy. To view our Schnauzer babies, please follow the links.

NEW!!  Many have ask me to recommend a list of supplies for their new puppy and I have added this "Puppy Supply List" on our Related Links page.  Click here for our "Puppy Supply List".  Our goal is to start your new puppy and you on the right path!

Order Products NuVet Vitamins:

We are still very satisfied with the results of our dogs vitamins.  They improve the shine of the coats, their energy, and help to protect against so many illnesses.  You can try these vitamins for yourself and can order the vitamins through us by using our breeder code.

You will notice the difference as we did.

Just a note:  Lizzy, our first dog started on the NuVet vitamins is nearing 14 years of age and is still doing very well on them! For More Information We will try products first before we recommend them to you!

Schnauzer Baby

"Training Your Schnauzer"

Spring: It's that time again.  We start our dogs on their flea protection in March.  We think that it will be a doozy of a year fighting these critters for 2018!  Please talk this over with your vet "first" as some Schnauzers can have a reaction to the Plus varieties because they may be stronger. 

Make sure that your puppy is not eating leaves and sticks from your yard left over from winter.  While this is a Schnauzer thing to do, you don't want them to choke on these things.  The little guys just love to play with leaves.Ice cubes will help to cool you pup after a long walk and they love to play with them.     It's very low fat ; )

Training your puppy to walk on the leash: Puppies can be started gently as early as 10-12 weeks old to walk on the leash and to come.Use lots of very small treats to reward them.  Early morning or early evening are great times to do this before they have their dinner.  Carry your puppy straight out the door about 10 ft. and put her down with her leash attached. Start walking back towards the door, gently tugging on the leash, while you're calling the puppy and offering a treat. Puppies love to go back to the house when young. Once they have that distance down, extend the distance and in different locations. You puppy will soon be trotting right along your side. You'll soon have your Miniature Schnauzer in top shape for good manners.  We are redesigning our Newsletter at this time - watch for it in the near future.




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